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Daniel McLaughlin "Yemen. Travel guide" Bradt Travel Guides Ltd, 2007, 248 p.+25 maps

Yemen is shrugging off its image of being a country with a security issue, to reveal its stunning landscape and fascinating culture – justifiably worth visiting by professional archaeologists, historians, the business traveller, or those making the most of Yemen's adventure sports such as hiking and scuba-diving. All will gain thrills treading on ground which is the site of the Sabaean dynasty – the era of the fabled Queen of Sheba. Yemen is undoubtedly the choice of those interested in digging deeper into regional culture. • The only up-to-date dedicated guide to Yemen on the market. • The latest information on visas, security and obtaining travel permits, plus living and working in Yemen. • Tribal culture, desert areas inhabited by nomads, Mar’ib and other archaeological sites.

  P.S. Вступление, оглавление, краткий исторический очерк и т.д.

На данный момент лучший туристический путеводитель по Йемену.



Visitor's complete guide to Yemen, Arab World Tours(Bahrain)&A Type Of Magic(Canada), 2004, 224 стр+илл.

Book review from al-bab.com

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Путеводители Lonely Planet (LP):


  Yemen (1999, 4 ed.), 256 page

Yemen is a medieval time capsule only recently opened to travellers. Explore this beguiling land of mud-brick sky-scrapers and labyrinthine medinas with this fully updated guide.

  • 29 detailed maps, including a full-colour country map
  • essential advice on safety, and areas to avoid
  • travel tips including health, visas and transport
  • the best places to stay and eat for all budgets
  • comprehensive Arabic language chapter

P.S. Содержание и т.д. на сайте Амазон


Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Red Sea (2001) 199p.

For five millennia people have gathered along the shores of the Red Sea, but only in the past five decades have recreational divers delved beneath the waves. They flock here to explore the incredibly diverse underwater topography and marine life, as well as shipwrecks such as the Thistlegorm and the wrecks of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. On land visitors can wander ancient ruins and buzzing souqs or tour the desert atop a camel. From the towering walls of Ras Mohammed to the offshore islands of The Brothers and Zabargad, this book describes 108 of the best Red Sea sites, with full-color photos throughout.

You’ll get specific information on:

  • dive sites access and topography
  • typical diving conditions
  • common and hazardous marine life
  • topside information for eight countries
  • 18 easy-to-read maps

P.S. Содержание и т.д. на сайте Амазон

Oman UAE & Arabian Peninsula (Multi Country Guide) (2007, 2 ed.) 596 pages

Discover Oman, UAE, and the Arabian Peninsula

Sneak (legally) into the dunes of Saudi Arabia's Empty Quarter and experience all that's romantic about the desert, p. 348.
Look beyond Dubai to the rest of the UAE - count the camels on the sublime desert drive from Sharjah to Kalba, p. 404
Hike where fragrant rosewater is produced from the pink roses of Oman's Jebel Akhdar, p. 231
Discover the secret to eternal life - and what make Suqutra the Galapagos Islands of the Middle East, p. 502

In This Guide:

More off-the-beaten-track UAE info than any other guide
Special Haj feature tells the ultimate traveler's tale
Dedicated Expats chapter packed with tips on living in another culture
The only guide with independent reviews of everything you need to know about Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar

P.S. Содержание и т.д. на сайте Амазон

Oman UAE & the Arabian Peninsula (Multi Country Guide) (2010, 3 ed.), 596 pages

Nobody knows the Arabian Peninsula like Lonely Planet. Whether it’s exploring the alleyways of Old Muscat, bargaining in Abu Dhabi’s atmospheric souqs, diving in the Red Sea or finding the best spot for a desert safari, we bring you the most extensive coverage of the region.

Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip.

In This Guide:

In-depth advice on safe travel in the region
Expat chapter packed with insider tips from our resident author
Only guidebook to cover every country in the Arabian Peninsula

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